Renew You

Happiness is not the end goal
Happiness is the way!

Our “Renew You" package is a personalised, and high-touch service customised to not only address your mind-body health needs but also to equip you with tools to thrive and succeed at work and life and be the ambassador for goodness in the world.

The main philosophy of Sukhaatma is true 'Abundance' is not just material wealth but includes - A healthy body, healthy mind, loving relationships, fulfilling career, financial success, clear life goals, and care for the environment and the world as a whole.

To achieve wholesome abundance, being Self-aware is at the core. But suffering from stress and illness affects the quality of your awareness and your quality of awareness, in turn, affects your mind-body health. Therefore your mind, body and Self must be addressed as a whole to realise the embodied change and "Renew You".

Your Mind-Body health affects your Self-Awareness and vice vera

Hence our mission is to address the issue at the root cause and transform you inside-out, by providing you with natural, practical and easily accessible tools to help you gain mind-body fitness and heightened Self-Awareness and lead a life of wholesome abundance.

To achieve that we employ time-tested practices of Ayurveda, Yoga and Applied Mindfulness and make the ancient practices highly accessible for our modern day living.

A sound mind is in a sound body - Using our practical tools, you will find your body's unique internal balance using Ayurveda, making it conducive for the eight-fold practices of Yoga, and voila! When your mind-body is in balance, you will experience mindful living happening with ease.

Continuous cultivation of Mindfulness, i.e. practising to "be aware", boosts your Emotional Intelligence

Your heightened Emotional Intelligence has a far-reaching impact in all areas of Life, including a clear vision of your values and goals, improved focus and performance, better resilience to setbacks and hardships, improved communication and effective conflict resolution, healthy and meaningful relationships, and enhanced mental and emotional wellbeing.

Besides having good mental and physical health, in this world of endless distractions, achieving focus and Personal Effectiveness is crucial to make your personal and professional goals into reality.

Our "Renew You" package is a one of a kind unique investment that has the potential to help you lead the Life from the happiness within!

Make your dreams of ideal health and abundant life a reality, get in touch with us and say hello, we will take it from there.

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Renew You

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What’s in store for you?
* Detailed mind-body history taking
* Unique insights about your body
* Personalised food and lifestyle advice
* Body type based movement & breathing routines
* Insights about your Thought process
* Life goals analysis
* Personal Effectiveness coaching (optional)


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